Monday, May 3, 2010

Is that some kind of Eastern thing? (An Open Letter to a Stranger)

Dear Mr. Pin Model,

I don't know you, but the above picture of you continues to bring me joy more than a year after I first saw it. Speaking of joy, perhaps you don't realize how much joy that pin costume you so dutifully modeled gave thousands.
The revamped pin head costumes were commissioned by the Founding Dudes to help them embark on 2009's historically epic Speed of Sound Tour. The pins made their debut at the Bonnaroo Music Festival before showing up in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Austin and (of course) Louisville!

Do you have a facebook account Mr. Unknown to Me Bowling Pin Model Man? If you do, you know the importance of one's Profile Picture. Many people quickly changed their Profile Picture to the one they took in between these pin costumes.

I don't know where in the world you live, but it has to be near one of the upcoming Lebowski Fests. Judging by your facial expression, it appears you are having a difficult time comprehending why such costumes would be custom ordered for professional construction. If you were to attend a Lebowski Fest, all doubt will be removed. And, not to mention, if you come to a Lebowski Fest you yourself can be pictured WITH the pins instead of a stark isolated solo portrait AS it.
What else can I learn from your picture that can potentially give me a glimpse into your life?

You have an awesome mustache. On a personal level, I'm an enormous fan of high quality facial hair - mainly because I'm a fuckin' amateur in the beard growth department. Many key characters in The Big Lebowski have iconic facial hair. You and your mustache will feel at home.

I can see you're sporting a pair of running shoes. And by the looks of it, those things get used. You're not wearing any pristine white, fresh out of the box, kicks. That footwear will serve you well if you happen to attend the 9th Annual in Louisville because there's an outdoor aspect to that Fest. Also at that Fest has side games such as The Ringer Toss and Mug Throw in which athletic footwear will give you a key advantage over those wearing jellies.

Come to think about it, I might be making a gross assumption: Have you even seen The Big Lebowski Mr. Bowling Pin Model with Athletic Shoes and a Mustache? All my enthusiasm of getting to you to a Fest doesn't necessarily dissipate if you haven't seen it. True, it's not a good experience to see the movie for the first time at a Fest. (SPOILER ALERT: people tend to shout their favorite lines) Send me an e-mail and I'll overnight one of my many DVD copies. Don't worry about me, I'll give you the Achiever Edition and if I need to, I can always watch the 10th Anniversary Edition I picked up last year. Don't worry about the postage in returning it - you can joyfully hand it back to me when we meet up at your first Fest.

Tickets are on sale now, so I'd recommend not delaying any further. It's a wonderful voyage to your first Fest!

Oh, one final thing... I'll introduce you to John Goodman.[TQ]

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