Saturday, May 8, 2010

Will you "follow" (or "subscribe") to my other blog?

Q: Why did I start another blog?
A: I wanted to separate place for all "music" related posts.

If you find any interest in the odd music I like to share with the world - please "follow" or "subscribe" to my new Mountie Rock blog:

I'm still going to be writing mindless rambles here on (This includes everybody who reads these posts as "notes" on Facebook - that importing is also not going to stop.)

As much as I like how smooth the Blogger posts become Facebook notes, it has always bothered me that the embedded videos don't make it through the import process. Therefore, it made sense for me to start a separate, music only, blog because I will probably always include an embedded YouTube video to help share the music of a particular subject. Therefore, I am not going to import the new blog into Facebook.

Again, if you would like a taste of that indie rock music that I tend to lean towards please follow or subscribe. The links to do so, which I used as the picture of this post, are at the bottom of I'm not sure how frequently I will post there, but I've already put up a couple posts which should give you a good sample for what you can expect to see in the future.

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