Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Q: Don't talk about... PLAYOFFS?
A: You kidding me - Playoffs, I just hope we can win another game.

MySister has voiced her displeasure in regards to my lack of posting.
Actually, more specifically, that I haven't posted here.
She thinks I'm spending too much time on my new Mountie Rock blog.
Which, by the way, is something you should all consider following.
It's the best musical development to come out of the Northwest Suburbs since...
Congratulations to the new American Idol...

The largest reason for my lack of posting has been a rather large work event.
Its planning, execution, and corresponding followup has been a bear.
MySister suspected it literally made me ill, for I had to leave work sick today.
Another reason is that I've been delaying the Kick Tan Laundry update:

We lost.
Zero to Fourteen.
The slaughter rule was enacted, and the umpire informed us that we could still keep playing.
Without hesitation, I said, "No."
The game was a total, unequivocal, trainwreck.
We showed up a girl short.
The majority of the team was mentally and physically exhausted from the before mentioned work event.
And of course, the other team was quite skilled.
The loss snapped KTL's 3-game winning streak.
Tomorrow night the playoffs begin.
We have to win the "play-in" game at 6:45 tomorrow night.
The winner plays the #1 seed at 7:40.
If we can win two games tomorrow night, we'll be in the semifinals next week.

I have decided, for the playoffs, to bring out my secret weapon.
Have you seen the Bowling Pin photo gallery?

In about ten days (June 4, 2010) this year's Taste of Des Plaines will start.
Since moving to Des Plaines in 2006, I've gone every year.
Last year my personal highlight was purchasing a bowling pin for $1.
The downtown bowling alley, Sims Bowl, was closing - hence the pin sale.
The next day (June 6, 2009) I was bored and took a picture of it in my condo.
Moments later I took a picture of it on my balcony.

And that's how it began.
I've taken more than 20 additional pictures.
Taken it to three more States.
And tomorrow night I'm taking it to the Kickball Playoffs.

The photo gallery...
Have you seen the Bowling Pin photo gallery? copied into it's own folder on my iPhone.
On many occasions I've proudly flipped through the entire "photo project" to a stunned audience.
By now most people who know me (and know how crazy I am) have seen these pictures.
They aren't surprised.
But I get a kick out of showing this madness to people who don't know me as well.
The immediate questions I get are very common:

Are these photoshopped?
You must not have kids?
You must not have a girlfriend?
You don't show these on dates?
Where's it going next?
Can I be in a picture with it?

The answers are the typical: no, no, correct, I have, where ever the world takes it, no.

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