Friday, May 4, 2007

I recommend [the above pictured] Joshua Ferris's first novel, "Then We Came to the End" to anybody who has ever sat in a cubicle. It is a new type of Black Comedy. A comedy that finds humor not from jokes but out of familiarity. Although acclaimed as a great office comedy, this book is much more drama than comedy. However, I understand how people classify this as a comedy because it is tough to not laugh when such hardcore truths of office work are revealed though such small rays of insight as:
-The zeal coworkers gather together to pass time in others' presence
-People are as much the synthesis of workplace opinion than anything else
-Group-think can nurture and protect

(Special thanks to the Roundlake Library Interlibrary loan - may the next 30+ waiting on the list enjoy it as much as I)

So now I'm back to the "Emperor's Children" Lord help me, I'm reading this for pretty much the wrong reasons (the opportunity to listen to an hour long podcast book club reviewing the novel).

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