Friday, July 6, 2007

Done and Done

Zero pictures were taken in Las Vegas.
I am still exploring methods to "document" the experience.
While the first four Vegas trips were truly episodic with definitive arcs... This one is unique for how it was just one long voyage, but acting in two different dimensions.

There was the "bachelor party" in which I was in the presence of both of the people who made the trip and the "vision quest" which consisted of the significant amount of time spent on my own. There were also times spent with each other person without the other - but in those are experiences that can not be captured effectively through a label (In the same notion that a ghost can not appear on film).

The entire week was a voyage into witnessing excess, enduring preservation and looking for specs of truth in hot sand.

All I know for sure are the following facts:
I landed in Las Vegas at 12:00 AM Tuesday July 3.
The plane departed Las Vegas at 5 PM Thursday July 5.
For the 65 hours total in Las Vegas, I slept for 11 hours.

I did the math...
12-3: Mandalay Bay
3-5: Transformers
5-7: MGM Grand
7-9: Paris
9-11: MGM Grand
11-4: Mandalay Bay
5-7 : SLEEP
7-9: Mandalay Bay
9-3: Caesar's Palace
3-6: Mandalay Bay
6-9: SLEEP
9-2: Treasure Island
2-3: Mandalay Bay
3-5: Treasure Island
5-7: Hofbrauhaus
7-3: Mandalay Bay
3-4: Wynn Las Vegas
4-6: Live Free or Die Hard
6-7: Mandalay Bay
7-11: SLEEP
11-3: Mandalay Bay
3-5: Airport

For the most part, that's accurate...

I plan on giving a more detail than anybody cares about my personal vision quest. The "bachelor party" is currently being adapted into a fictional parable.

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