Monday, July 16, 2007

A shameful visit to the iTunes Music Store

I think I've been buying music at the Apple iTunes Music Store for close to four years now.

There have been a few regrettable purchases. A few shameful ones too.

I've had a friend look through my iPod and say, "So you bought Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake?" That is tough to explain - it was used in the background of a Bally's commercial and I found it catchy. Sue me. However, Justin is a legit musical talent with some major muscle (figuratively I'm speaking: The Neptunes) behind his sound.

So what was the most recent shameful purchase?
Ladies and Gentlemen, I have purchased my first song by one Miss Britney Spears.

It was for a mixtape I made for a recent coworker's birthday. But sadly, I admit that I've liked this song for a while - and the mixtape was just the easy excuse to finally click BUY SONG.

Obviously, the music video for this track made it easier to foster an affinity for the tune:

About a year ago a girl I was "courting" asked me one of those great first date questions: "What's the last song you downloaded?" Fearing that I might be asked that soon - I quickly bought the new Kanye West song "Stronger" ("Stronger" also happens to be the name of a Spears song I also like). "Stronger" by Kanye West samples a great song by one of my favorite artists: Daft Punk. I approve.

Here's the Kanye Video... Not as pretty as Britney but a better beat:

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