Tuesday, July 24, 2007

In response to my cousin's blog (nonsense begets more)

This post will make zero sense... Although reading my cousin's blog may shed some light, the following will continue to make zero sense:

purple monkey dishwasher (yes, that's plagiarism)
back and forth opposites
Mercy Masochism
Mr. Harmony Monologue
Exit to
You Sunk My Scategories
Hidden Nipple Autopsy
The Fat Chicks of Bill's Beard
Loverboy versus Workweek (Stuggle for Paradise)
Napoleon's Visible Thumb
Bonus Right
On the Eve
The Prefix (Etc... Etc... Etc...)
George Mason and the Secret Police of Hidden Torment
Awkward Handshakes (non HJ variety)
Exile of Treasure Island (Win 2 Wynn)
Strawberry Regret Paradise
The holy trinity of JilliA, LiS And VanesS...N.A.A.
Dr. Wow Pilgramage
I know what you said to me
Britney Spears Spin Cycle
Leisurely Making Love with Magic

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