Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Scott Baio is 45... And Single

Just watched a 45 second mini-preview on VH-1 of a new show titled Scott Baio is 45... And Single.

Yeah, I plan on watching this show. What really looks good is that his "life coach" makes him go back to his ex-girlfriends to apologize/find out what he did wrong.

This is why I want to watch the show.

His ex-girlfriends are a who's who of 80s sit com infamy. Not to mention he's got at least two Baywatch alumni under his belt. One former star of (I think Growing Pains) says to him point blank, "You're the reason why I got an AIDS test."

That's good television.
It's also fake television.
Yet, remains watchable television.

So that's my "bad tv" fix for the rest of the summer. It fills the void created when Real World: Las Vegas Reunited ends this week. Don't fret everybody - I'm more than filling my "good tv" gap this summer...

After having The Wire Season One on loan for close to four months - I blew threw the entire five disc series in under 24 hours (would've been quicker if not for the sleep break that was necessary). Soon the same friend will loan me Season Two - but there's no time to wait: Rome Season One is "at home" from Net Flix.

As far as reading is concerned - I'm taking the summer off. The Slate.com podcast book club of The Emperor's Children did not justify its massive read. I guess that pile of upper crust crap is supposed to be a satire? No, let me use the term they used, "A Comedy of Manners." Uh, no people - that's just a pile of horseshit. Mindless and pointless - not thought provoking with a purpose. The really odd thing about the podcast - the panel kept finding gaping holes in the plots and characters! This is after and before proclaiming that this book isn't just good, but great enough to waste an hour of my time on a flight to Las Vegas.

I have three books on loan from the local library - but after investing the last two months of my reading life into an epic disappointment - I just want to take some time off and watch Scott Baio try to find himself.

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