Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Last 7 Days in My [Un]eventful Life

NOTE: I've been running around a ton lately - I need to blog better and describe some of the below events in more detail... thanks for your patience.

Wednesday: I met Skip, Tamara, Matt & Rickey in Mundelein to go bowl. Lakeside Lanes is only 25 cents a game (after $6 cover) Wednesday nights. Bowling is one of those leisure activities I enjoy, wish I could get really good at, but don't want to invest the time and money needed. Also, bowling is one of those classically great social activities - if I get super-serious at it I think it would lose most of its appeal.

Thursday: Oh, a story that must be said face-to-face...

Friday: Successfully entered my 5th Poker Circle. This circle is based in Mundelin - Dave's house specifically. Dave is a MASTER golfer and he's got the great competitive spirit to become a good card player. Ultra low stakes, and only five handed, my personal growth in this circle will have to wait until they get up to speed. I should also hesitate to call it a 5th Circle when the 2nd Circle hasn't met in over a year and the 4th circle (although formed) has yet to meet due to the fact that Circle Four's Members have 8 children under the age of five combined.

Saturday: Dave (different one) and Deanna's wedding. The Notre Dame Victory March was the song used for the first dance of Groom and Mother-of-the-Groom. Instead of dancing they just went around High-5ing the entire reception. Although months ago I wasn't exactly looking forward to spending time with mutual friends met in high school - the night was a blast hanging out again with Dave's college friends (who I met at the Milwaukee Summerfest Bachelor Party).

Sunday: Finally turned on the Air Conditioning. Sadly, I considered that a "moment" in my adult life. Treated myself to a Movie Marathon of Harsh Times (bad), Reno 911 Miami (worse) and Bourne Identity (still good).

Monday: GREEN TIE BALL POKER TOURNAMENT ANNOUNCED! I register less than four hours after I get the e-mail. This is the huge event that I took 3rd place in last year. Anything but a final table will be viewed as a disappointment to yours truly. Also, decided to watch The Bourne Supremacy on DVD.

Tuesday: After working late, I treated myself to The Bourne Ultimatum. Although I like going to the theatre alone, cell phones and young groups continually make Net Flix look better. I also bought tickets to go see Bloc Party live. This is the first "actual concert" (no street festivals, no Summerfest, no "cousin's playing") in a looooong time. Really looking forward to it.

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