Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Isolated Vegas Tale

All-right, so I'm about two hours into a six hour session of $2-$4 Limit Texas Hold'em at Mandalay Bay when Dawn joins the table (sitting to my immediate left). Dawn is a sexy woman from New York. What makes her sexy isn't just her above average attractiveness, but her knowledge of poker. During one of the first hands that we were involved in - she really started giving me a stare down.

"Looking for tells." she says. I couldn't help but smile. I say back, "This has nothing to do with my hand, just appreciate the attention."

After the second time Dawn said, "I'm too old for you." I decided to call her on it. I thought she was bluffing. First off all, let me say that I was in no way "hitting" on lovely Dawn. I was making very small conversation. Secondly, let it be known that one of my associates - the best man of the bachelor party - was laying it on a little thick. Although I'd like to say that she enjoyed talking to me - that she wanted me to get her drink - I was really just a better resort than the drunk guy on her other side who couldn't stop texting a "not my girlfriend."

I told her that I had no clue how old she was, but I have a rule about not dating anybody older than MySister. She asked how old she was - and said that she was older than her. That was shocking. She looked a solid six years younger. She also confided that she couldn't date anybody younger than her younger brother - and when it was known that I was younger than her brother, we had a small bond. Sure she had a boyfriend, and yeah I wasn't going to guide her back up to my room: but our little back and forth created a nice foundation of a conversation that lasted the reminder of our time together at our table. (Bonus note: the Best Man decided to quickly ask if Dawn has had any plastic surgery after her age was disclosed.)

But this tale is not about Dawn, or me, or even the drunken Best Man. This tale is about hearing words from her that I haven't heard spoken to me in over a year. Maybe even over two years - it's been so long (such a wonderful vacation) that I have forgotten the last instance.

Oh, and all this happened when I was IN A HAND and she was NOT!

This is what she says, "You know who you look like?"
I instantly look away and try to hold my laughter. The poker face is gone - so I just start betting strong. I actually won that hand as she replies to my non verbal reaction, "Oh, so you know... what's his name?"

Ladies and Gentleman, let's remind the world that I have a shockingly similar facial feature of F-List Hollywood Celebrity Matthew Lillard.

These people, those that love to mention this out of nowhere. Mention this likeness - never know the actor's name. And they never have a follow up comment. It's a very vanilla comment to hear. Is it a compliment? Do I say thank you? Of course, I just respond with the usual, "You know we have the same birthday?" (which is true)

That usually only freaks them out more - don't ask me why I continue to encourage all this.

So the past one or two years - while Lillard's career has hit the crapper - I've been somewhat free of this comparison. Luckily there isn't another Scream or Scooby Doo movie on the horizon for me to worry about.

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