Friday, January 16, 2009

Do you have a harmless addiction?

Q: Is that even possible?
A: Sure, if it's just looking at stupid T-Shirts for sale on the Internet.

This addiction of mine, looking at stupid T-Shirts for sale on the Internet, would only be harmful if I spent money on these. Thankfully, I haven't bought a shirt for a long time.

But I saw a shirt today - it's on sale for under $10 (due to The Cotton Factory's Inauguration Sale). I think I've got to get this shirt.

The city is real. As is the music for which it's named. I'm playing poker three nights in the next two weekends - if I get a small win, buying this shirt may be how I celebrate.

There are 49 more where this came from at The Cotton Factory.

I'm not sure if every city is an actual city. Disco was the only town I researched before writing.

Enjoy your weekend all,

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