Saturday, January 17, 2009

How vivid are your memories from 17 years ago?

Q: (From 1992) Who's hot?
A: (From 1992, but still true today) My sister's friends from college.

The year was 1992.
I was in 7th grade.
My sister was in her second or third year at school.
And I was, at the time of this story, hanging out with Eddie M.

Chris E. was also hanging out with us. The three of us shot some hoops in the Macias driveway on South Gail Court. Later we retired to Eddie's room to discuss one of the upcoming dances at St. Alphonsus Liqouri school.

I'm not sure if it was Chris or Eddie that posed the question. Not sure the word choice used, expect for one of the words: hot. There was an open forum of analyzing the talent pool of the girls. Discussion of various characteristics. Being 13 at the time, "But she has a good personality" was not in my vernacular.

Soon we broadened the data population. It became quite a competitive game in which Eddie would mention someone who was hot, then Chris, then me - you get the point.

Names like "Elle Macpherson" were quickly listed with as much vigor as I would now say "Adrian Peterson" in a Fantasy Football league draft. (Side note: boys - and probably men - of the early 90s either sided with Elle or Kathy Ireland. It was a heated debate in my friend circles). After the SI swimsuit cover roster was exhausted, Eddie started mentioning girls from other schools... As did Chris...

I knew nobody outside the extremely insulated circle of St. Al's... The only other school that existed that I knew of people was Loras College (The school my sister graduated from in 1994 cum laude). And in a flash of brilliance I was able to list Sorya and Missy in consecutive rounds.

Eddie and Chris - not knowing these two beauties at the time enrolled at the Duquque, Iowa liberal arts school - didn't accept these names at first saying "Who?" But I quickly retorted, "Trust me, they're my sister's friends at college - they're superhot."

Flash forward approximately 17 years later (to the past two days) when both Sorya and Missy find me on Facebook and request my friendship. In less than a heartbeat I confirm that they are in fact "friends" and think back to the bedroom of Eddie Macias in 1992.

Nothing might have made me happier if you would've told me that Soraya and Missy would track me down, and I'd have to confirm or ignore their friendship. I just wonder what my emotions would've been back then if I had also known both Soraya and Missy would be happily married by the time it happened.

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