Sunday, January 4, 2009

Did anything today make you feel old?

Q: Are you old?
A: According to my divers license...

Let me remind all that in less than 3 weeks there will be the event
of my 30th birthday party. It should be the biggest event of the year... to date... that doesn't involve international political significance or ground breaking national history.

If you are reading this, you are invited. If someone you know wants to join you, they are also welcome. Here, again, is the controversial flier I created to announce the affair:

Jesse White made me feel old today. For that that don't live in Illinois, Jesse White is the Secretary of State for Illinois. For those that didn't live in Illinois 15 years ago, his name is attached to a highly popular traveling tumbling gymnastic act (but that's not relevant to this story) .

It's important to get your first driver's license - obviously
It's less important (technically speaking, although many would argue different) to get renew your license when you turn 21.
I think that "21 issue" expires in IL on your 26th birthday...

I know that my current license expires on my 30th birthday. But this is not going to be a story of a ridiculous encounter at the DMV. Jesse White sent me a letter saying, "Congratulations, you qualify for the safe driver..."

There is now a sticker on the back of my license noting that it's good for another four years.

I should be happy that the State thinks I'm a good driver. If I get pulled over, the police officer may be more apt to just give me a warning because of this sticker. It without question saved me time. I'm somewhat okay with my picture, and all the info on there is still accurate - so why not go with the sticker.

Somehow this made me feel old... but in a good way.

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