Sunday, July 5, 2009

How do you make a very long playlist?

Q:What did you just finish?
A: My 12+ hour iTunes playlist to fuel my solo drive to Louisville and back.

The following is the abridged (slightly) playlist, with some commentary:


1. & 2. "What's Going' On" and "I Want You" by Marvin Gaye
These two songs, just over seven minutes combined, will get me into a good mood while I first start up the car to the time I'm on the expressway.

3. "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" by The Sons of the Pioneers
This is the song that plays at the very start of The Big Lebowski, which if you don't know by know - is sort of the reason for this drive.

4. - 13. The entire In Rainbows album by Radiohead
This remains one of my favorite albums and has existed in my current car, in one form or the other, since my car's purchase. Also, at last year's Lebowski Fest, I saw poster artist Bill Green wearing a recent Radiohead T-Shirt. That's not that important, but I thought it was cool to find other people who share my #1 favorite movie and #1 favorite band.

14. "The Man in Me" by Bob Dylan
For those that have watched The Big Lebowski less than five times, it's one of The Dude's favorite songs, and is played during multiple parts of the film.

15. - 25. The entire Is This It? album by The Strokes
I bought this album when I was in college. It's been a while since I've listened to it from front to back. Just want to listen to it again, and hey - I've got 11+ hours to fill on this drive!

26. - 39. The entire Silent Alarm album by Bloc Party
Pretty much the same explanation as the above, with the only difference is that I bought it after I had graduated.

40. "Hotel California (Spanish Mix)" by Gipsy Kings
Another song used in The Big Lebowski. It's quite a famous scene actually.

41. - 52. The entire It Still Moves album by My Morning Jacket
First off, this band is from Louisville. Secondly, they were the first band to perform at a Lebowski Fest. Finally, they are an awesome band, period.

53. - 63. The entire The Stand Ins album by Okkervil River
This is a nice compliment to My Morning Jacket. It's the most recent album from an act from this past year's Bonnaroo (an event that also had a Lebowski Fest Movie Party). I also think this music will fit in very nicely with the random Indiana countryside.

64. - 74. The entire Z album by My Morning Jacket
Just more good rockin' by Louisville's own.

75. & 76. "Lookin' Out My Back Door" and "Run Through the Jungle" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
I could write a 5 page essay why these two songs belong on this playlist, but I'll spare you and just inform you that they are also related to The Big Lebowski.

77. "Just Dropped In - To See What Condition My Condition Was In" by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
Song from Jackie Treehorn's Gutterballs. (That explanation requires at least 2, maybe 3, viewings of The Big Lebowski to understand)

78. "A Beautiful Mine" by RJD2
This is a nice audio pallet clenser, kind of like turning on your turn signal as you're about to change genre lanes

79 - 81 "Magic Spells," "Courtship Dating" and "1991" by Crystal Castles
This electric[onic] duo was also at Bonnaroo, which is probably the only thing they have in common with O.River.

82. - 96. The entire In Ghost Colours album by Cut Copy
The drive to Louisville is somewhere between 5 and 6 hours. I think I'm going to need a high energy danceish album at this point in the voyage. Memories of their live show I saw at The Vic will also improve my mood (however I greatly doubt my mood will need a pick-me-up).

97. - 114. The entire Music Has The Right To Children by Boards of Canada
Not as dancy as Cut Copy, but still in the same genreish. I first heard of these guys from a late, late night conversation from a Pittsburgh couple met at last year's Lebowski Fest. I am looking forward to seeing them again.

115. - 125. The entire Set 'Em Wild Set 'Em Free album by Akron/Family
I'm assuming this will be on the return home. I think this will be the perfect background music for sourthern Indiana. Also, I'm thinking about seeing these guys later this month when their tour comes through Chicago. I'm still evaluating if they are show worthy.

126. - 138. The entire You Forgot It in People album by Broken Social Scene
Just one of my most favorite albums by one of my most favorite bands.

139. - 149. The entire self-titled album by Fleet Foxes
A solid album that I suspect will be really good "traveling to" music.

150. - 163. The entire self-tited album by Mute Math
I just bought tickets to see these guys last week. Looking forward to their next album dropping in August.

164. - 179. The entire Tonight: Franz Ferdinand album by Franz Ferdinand
One of the best albums (so far) of 2009. And also one of the best concerts (so far) of 2009.

180. - 189. The entire Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album by Phoenix
One of the best albums (so far) of 2009. And also one of the best concerts (so far) of 2009.


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