Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Who is Tom Query?

Q: Who am I not?
A: A sex therapist from Georgia.

As anybody living in the digital world should do, for various reasons, I "googled" myself today.

This is the screen that resulted in that search:

At first, I was a little miffed.
As anybody who writes a blog, I have an overinflated sense of self importance.

But then I settled and was happy... and laughing.
Scrolling down, every link on the first page is about this Sex Therapist from Georgia with a name closely spelled to the one of yours truly.

After a few hours to think about it, I'm more than happy - I'm relieved and glad.
This man, also a photographer it appears, has successfully created a smokescreen for me.
"Experts" on identity security frequently point to how much information people can acquire from just a quick google search. I understand that this doesn't necessarily put me in the clear, but I think it makes me a tad better off than most.

In a somewhat related story, I found out that Linkedin is giving away info to ANYBODY! And I'm very thankful that I'm not on that site - and if you are reading this (and you are on LINKEDIN) you best get over there pronto and review your privacy settings.

I'm very tempted to request the facebook friendship of this man:

At least we have an affinity for Lost in common.

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