Friday, July 24, 2009

Has anybody named "Red Hot Annie" commented on your blog?

Q: "You didn't think I was rolling out of here naked, did ya?"
A: True, the Dude should not be surprised at Walter's eagerness to use firearms.

A wonderful thing happened to me today that really brightened my mood.
It wasn't about a certain Southpaw, although the e-notification from a friend today was surely appreciated.

When I received the message that someone named "Red Hot Annie" had commented on one of my previous posts. (NOTE: that post features a picture that is not a line you want to cross - either on sand or at work)

redhotannie said...

thanks for writing about our show! can't wait to meet you there! xo - red hot annie

This was a pat on the back I sorely needed today.
For the past 48 hours yours truly has been subject to a large amount of scrutiny.
Due exclusively to the decisions I have made (or agreed with) as the Vice President of my Condo Board Association.

Long story short, we need to have our building's roof replaced.
It costs a very large amount of money.

If you would like more explanation, you might as well do what my neighbors are doing:
-Knock on my door after 9 pm
-Get me into the hallway in a state of dress not suitable for a serious conversation
-Have a loud conversation outside my door insinuating that I am acting either unlawfully or in direct opposition to the rights of others

A man yelled at me tonight (actually about a non roof related issue - BONUS!)
A woman embraced her young child before me and proposed that she will choose to pay her share of the roof's bill over feeding her daughter.

So I'm now just going to go off the deep end and rant for a while.
About topics that have nothing to do with Ownership, Responsibility or Shelter

Twice today, I was able to deliver a well timed one-liner joke immediately before leaving a group of people.
We all know I like Vegas, and I try to end the show (i.e. a conversation with me) on a high note.
Laughter sounds best when you're walking away from it smiling.

The Recreational Softball League I play in is not Recreational, borderline Softball, and barely a League.
3 friends asked me to play on their team.
I enjoy the company of these three people.
The remainder of my team are upstanding people in their own right.
Not really the kind I would hang out with in other contexts, but they are friendly to me and I appreciate the camaraderie.
Nearly everybody else I see on the "can't call it a diamond cause it's all grass," I don't wish to see again.
Supposedly there's a banquet at the end of all this that makes it "all worthwhile."
It would take the team of vixens from Vaudezilla to be my personal escort to this "Steak Dinner (boom)" to meet that claim. I'll settle for just Maria May I.

Last night after work was my best performance to date on the golf course.
If nightfall didn't come when it did, I could have accomplished my summer goal of breaking 120.
After nine holes I had a score of 54.
We quit after 14 holes, when my score was 84.
(highlight was hitting the green in regulation on holes 8, 9 & 10 resulting in bogey - par - par)

All right, that's it for me.

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