Monday, July 20, 2009

How often do you get a second chance?

Q: What news made your past weekend?
A: That the leading candidate for Band of TQ's 2009 is coming back to Chicago!

September 23:
The Riviera.
I will be there,
Will you?

However, I don't know how to feel that "Stacy" will probably be there as well.
Multiple people have already told me I now have a second chance with her.
I need to avoid that, avoid her, nothing is getting between me and total enjoyment of a repeat performance.

I was feeling a little bummed about being out of town when Fleet Foxes plays the Metro in early August - but this more than makes up for it... By the way, all in Chicago need to be prepared for the virtual stampede to get Wilco tickets when they go on sale this Saturday [for a show at the UIC Pavilion in October].

In an odd coincidence, Chairlift (famous for having an iPod TV ad song) will be opening for Phoenix... I saw them earlier this year as well - when they opened for Peter Bjorn and John.

Out the door, the ticket is only costing me $7 more than last time.
Not as bad as I was expecting given the band's surge in popularity in that time frame.
But seeing how I won't be buying wine for a girl trying to act old or beer for a cockblocking married couple - it's going to be a cheaper night for yours truly.

Now only if Bjork could announce a tour that comes through Chicago, then I'd be eating a bliss sandwich.

In shocking news if you would've told me 15 years ago - U2's concert tour buzz is not making me feel the least bit regretful over choosing Lebowski Fest Chicago over it.

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