Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are you on The Twitter?

Q: Do you have packs to move?
A: No, but I feel in order to give Twitter a fair evaluation, this is how I have to go about it.

Go ahead and call me a hypocrite.
I deserve it.
Those of you on Twitter - I've made fun of you.
I am now one of those for others to make fun.

Ten or so weeks ago I made fun of Foursquare.
I saw no point to it, thought those using it looked moronic, and was 100% confident I would not have a problem staying away. Also in that post, I mentioned how I liked only having one Social Network at a time.

Then a few weeks ago a Facebook App update added "Places" as a function, which is exactly like Foursquare. As those who are "friends" know, I haven't been able to avoid using Places. It made me reconsider my stance against Twitter. I'm still confident I won't join Foursquare, because I don't need to win any badge with where I am. Those badges appear to be what Foursquare has that Facebook Places does not.

It's now time to give Twitter a full examination. For me, that means not checking Facebook for the month of October as I delve deeper and deeper into the Twitterverse. I don't think it will take 31 days to figure it out, but the Facebook break will be a nice one for me. Last February & March I endured a Lent-long Facebook hiatus. After it was done I felt refreshed and realized I didn't really miss anything. Although it was near torture to be without Facebook during March Madness.

I'll be gone'til November, but my return to Facebook is for certain. My future on Twitter after November 1 is what I need to determine. This blog, along with the other two I occasionally write, will continue.

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