Thursday, September 2, 2010

What was your first album?

Q: Ah, don't you remember the cassette tape?
A: I hope to one day tell someone, "Maybe 8 tracks were cool - don't really know - but I can assure you cassettes sucked... Unless you're talking about a cassingle (cassette single) because those were awesome."

I misrepresented a bit in yesterday's post:
Bell Biv DeVoe was my first Compact Disc of Music.
It was not my first "album."
Face Value by Phil Collins tops the first album list.

Oddly, I remember the last cassette tape I ever bought/owned:
What's the Story Morning Glory by Oasis.
Are you thinking that's a rather recent choice?
Ah, let's turn the clock back to 1995.

My Dad's old 1988 Cutlass Cierra.
Before I finally, myself, bought a Kenwood Portable CD Player.
Before the ever awesome cassette-cord-to-CD cord device!
A tape deck needed tapes.

People have such a great relationship between their cars and music.
MySister once gave up "music or radio in the car" for Lent (Something I could never, ever, abstain).
When asked, "why do you walk to class with headphones?" I'd reply:
"Do you drive in silence?"

I've come a long way since 1995 automobile audio.
From the Cranberries and Oasis cassettes to the Ben Folds Five and Foo Fighters CDs in my portable "discman" (Although it wasn't made by Sony).
I don't remember the first CD I put into my first car (A realization that is equally making me sad and furious).
But my last CD from the Saturn "Shifter" went directly into my next Toyota "Pony" (In Rainbows).

Now I'm well ahead of most.
An iPod enabled after market wonder.
No longer bound by 80 minute playlists!
However, I still always have a backup CD loaded as well (it's currently this album).

Do you remember your first album?
Your last cassette?
I typically ask people (especially on dates) what's playing in their car right now.
Even if you aren't an attractive single women with exceedingly decreasing standards, I'd love to hear your answers to the above.

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