Monday, September 20, 2010

Who inspired the most recent mixtape?

Q: Would you like one of my mixtapes?
A: Just let me know if you want one of the pre-built ones or a custom model.

A while ago I had posted on "the social network" asking if anybody wanted me to make a mixtape for them. That was some time ago - but even though Tara was quick to ask for one, I'm only publishing it now:

Taraism Watch List

It's fitting that I'm publishing this now, for Lebowski Fest Chicago has just ended. I met Tara and Dan (her then boyfriend now fiancee) back in 2008's July. They are from Pittsburgh, but we met in Louisville at the 7th Annual Lebowski Fest. Tara and Dan were literally the first "strangers" I had met through the LF web of people, and I couldn't have found two nicer people. Also, I was happy to learn how cool these two were - especially in their musical tastes. I frequently go to Tara and Dan for new music advice.

This playlist is "dance music for the advanced" in a sense because Tara used to DJ regularly, and has the one of the best radars for what is (or should be) spinning today. My goal is to have a few familiar favorites for her in addition and hopefully two good discoveries.

If anybody else out there wants a mixtape - let me know.

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  1. Awesome mix, thanks for posting it! I was spinning most of that stuff around 2006 through last year. Lotsa love for SMD, Cut Copy and Daft Punk. Good shit. :)

    Now I need to make you one. Glad we met too! Can't wait for the 10th Annual next year!