Sunday, April 17, 2011

Did I say "Thank You" humbly enough?

Last Sunday I typed a very bragging post about how I had a social life to be envied.  Standing upon my pulpit of blogisicsm shouting to as many as 6 followers that I'm hip and cool.  This week was very humbling, and allow me to bore you by bringing you up to date, because I do have some rather sincere sentiment I'd like to bury in this post.

Here are Monday's highlights: Called in sick, slept for over 12 hours, leaving the condo only for a trip to the grocery store where I bought a gallon of milk, 2 cartons of Orange Juice, 1 box of Oreos and 1 box of Fudge Stripes.

Very Thankful
On Tuesday I finally wrote Thank Yous to an incredible amount of people.  (Some of you who may have received them and have already complimented me on either the humor or class of it.  Since some donations are still coming in, I don't want to spoil what was enclosed in those envelopes.)  If you don't know what I was thanking people for, you might want to check out a post from February.  And if you happened to read the post many people thought was the better story, I'm happy to tell you that I did write a personalized note to Nolan.  This whole thing is becoming more real by the day... Many are asking if I'm getting excited but I'm kinda nervous.  This is my one good deed for my life and I don't want to blow it!  By the way, nothing made my life feel as full of friendship as seeing the large stack of envelopes I had to shove into a post office box.

On Wednesday I polished off whatever milk and cookies were left from Monday's self medication purchase.  That's the rough thing about living alone - You look down into a grocery cart of many cookies and realize that every single cookie will be devoured by only one person: yourself.  Later in the week I humbly bragged to a coworker that I could empty a gallon of milk faster (in the non Jackass sideshow method) than any normal person.

Thursday was supposed to be a running day.  Yeah, I'm trying to run again. (Last year around this time I started training for a 5K - completing it was one of the highlights of my 2010, but I promptly stopped running immediately after the race.)  I won't go into the reasons why I'm running again, mainly because I'm not sure I know myself.  By the way, I ended up crashing asleep before 7 pm on Thursday and never got out there to run.

Friday night was my first non profitable day of poker in 2011.  Thankfully it was also the lowest buy-in of 2011 as well.  Most importantly, the money was lost to a struggling artist who's music I enjoy.

Saturday I took down my holiday lights.  For those of you scoring at home, the date this past Saturday was April 16 (well beyond the accepted 12 days after Christmas / Epiphany deadline).

Finally, I ran today.  Completing the 3rd week of my "Couch to 5K" program. This past week was the first week I ran to non Girl Talk music - instead opting for Delorean, for I'll be seeing them this Tuesday at Lincoln Hall.  On the running playlist for the upcoming week: Arcade Fire, who I'll be seeing a week from Monday!

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