Monday, November 15, 2010

Were you able to download Girl Talk's new album?

When I started writing this post, I had not yet downloaded Girl Talk's newest album. While I was sleeping last night, Gregg Gillis (stage name: Girl Talk) tweeted that his album All Day was available for free download. It's apparent that many people are happy to hear this, as the website isn't able to handle the onslaught of demand created by the revelation. But I was patient - hell, it's a free album and I wasn't complaining. (Especially because by the time I was wrapping up my post I had successfully completed the download!)

This news really made my Monday. And I found the process of how the news was spreading interesting - seeing which outlets were quicker than others sharing the info. Without a doubt, Twitter just positioned itself better in my mind: If you want to get pictures of children from people you barely know quickly, Facebook is there for you. But today, I wanted awesome free music. News of this event was completely absent from my Facebook feed.

Here's the time line from Twitter this morning (all times are Chicago time zone central) from the few sources that I follow:

I compiled this list during my lunch break. After which there were many other mentions and exponentially more retweets (of which yours truly would fall into). Still, it was a tough afternoon at work as I knew the world was abuzz with Girl Talk and an entire population chronicling the 373 samples.

My mind was kept at ease because of something I had done the previous Friday: Purchasing four tickets to the Girl Talk concert more than four months away. It's time to right the wrong from NYE'09!

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