Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Musical Coincidence

I've said this before - I've spent a majority of my college life attempting to fall asleep. The past few nights have been been worse than normal for me in that department. Last night I basically gave up and looked to television as a way to get my mind off the cause of my insomniac evening.

One of the favorite stops of my late night viewing were VH1's Insomniac Music Theatre... Don't know if that's what it's called anymore


The video I'm posting at the bottom of this post began just as I flipped to good ol' channel 28 (VH-1). This same song happened to just start playing on a local radio station when I was flipping during my normal afternoon drive show's commercial break.

When songs like that appear out of nowhere - and appear in multiple media - it makes me think. So I'm liking this song, "Young Folks" by a band I never heard of before my lack of sleeping - Peter Bjorn And John. I think I may buy their whole album just on the serendipity alone.

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