Tuesday, May 8, 2007

New Olympic Event

Who can go the longest without watching The Sopranos and not have it spoiled?
My LORD, I don't even enjoy watching the show anymore - I'm just dead curious to see how it all ends... I want to know what happens - but not from hearsay.

You'd think Dave Barry's 24 blog would be safe - but he decides to throw in a nice little nugget that was freakin' huge news to me.

I don't blame him - I don't blame anybody for spoiling ALREADY AIRED info. In this Tivo culture today, it's tough to have a "water-cooler discussion" without verifying that everybody is up to date.

Meanwhile Lost announced plans for the final seasons. Do you have any idea how much I'd LOVE and PREFER to watch the remainder of that series on Digital Video Disc? Man, but to go that long without knowing that so and so banged who's that and Mr. You Know shot her in the face? I'm talking about two separate potential events there buddies.

But all that hostility aside, I'm in a great mood tonight - for on Thursday afternoon I will essentially be paid to watch baseball. Yes, my company is giving us tickets to Wrigley Field along with "Cubbie Cash" to feed and hydrate us. It's a nice world today.

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