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Women & Travel (UPDATED!)

I am nearing a small (but noteable to me) personal milestone in the "View de TQ." This paired with the fact that I've been hitting brick walls of content I'm going to look back and re-post some of my more worthwhile posts... with a few updates...

This is the first of five entries, and after all five are posted I will unveil a new story from my formative years that will blow everything you know about me out of the water.

In early May 2006 I decided to use a large untapped natual resource that I have access to: A Vast Array of Women Coworkers

You see, my friends and I had a theory. Whether this theory is founded or unfounded - I'll leave that up to you. However, for possibly cynical or embellished reasons, we were led to believe that women were placing unfounded priority and importance on their love and pursuit of travel. "Obsessed" was the term my friends decided to use.

Here are the uncensored viewpoints of the women I work with - with a few new entries of those who were not around during the first survey:

You're asking the wrong's a treat for me to "NOT" travel....

One always wishes or wants for the things they can't have…

Obsessed with travel…hmmmm! I wouldn't say that I'm obsessed with travel. Don't get me wrong…I do enjoy traveling in the Chicago winter months to warm/hot tropical places. I definitely do not care for the cold, so by any means, if I had the opportunity to get away, I certainly would do it. The question as to WHY though??? Still stumped…maybe it's the fact that they just want/need to refresh/regroup and traveling is just the way to do it. Or maybe that they want to see the world (you've heard of the "To Do List" before one turns a specific age…just maybe traveling is one of their top objectives). Did I answer your question??? Or did I leave you even more perplexed???

I can only speak for myself, however my dad was in the Marines and was able to travel a lot and see a lot of the world and always encouraged me to do the same., not join the Marines, but go has many places as you can. Also vacations take away everyday stress and I believe allows me to connect to my real self. I really don't think it is a gender thing, I know many guys that feel the same way. Or those girls just want to get a free vacation out of you

Because seeing new places and meeting new people always bring excitement and adventure. I'm surprised that all the men you talk to aren't also obsessed with travel!

I think the women you are talking to are probably very young and they want to explore the world….when you mature you are more settle and that comes secondary to you….But I would still love to go to Paris!!

I am not obsessed with travel. I have little to no desire to travel right now (but that just may be b/c of the baby). I mean I would like to travel, if I had the money to do it, but it is definitely NOT HIGH on my things to do list. Its nice to get away, but to roam the world looking for adventure is not my idea of fun.

I wouldn't say obsessed. I think most people, men and women, like to travel, especially if they've got everyday stressors that prompt them to want to get away, i.e. responsibility (kids, bad job, nagging spouse, etc.). Single folks like to do a lot of traveling before life (responsibility) lessens their (our) chances. Actually, I thought single guys were more into traveling, sowing their oats as much as possible while they can J.

That's kind of crazy that all women are, and something I have never ever thought about. I racked my brain, and can't really think of any generalized answer. I don't think you can really explain why you feel wanderlust, you just do. I even just like the word "wanderlust".

But, to humor you…a few reasons that I specifically like to travel:

Most of my friends from home and college have scattered across the globe, and a lot of my travel is just going to visit them. I enjoy summer, hot weather, beaches, and nine (sometimes even just 8) months of the year, I have to travel to experience that. I have an unexplainable need to see new things (but yet rarely even attempt to satisfy this need in day-to-day life). And then just the plain, old IT'S NOT WORK reason.
Because its nice to get away! Thats why.

Maybe its because they want to explore the world or maybe get it out of their system while they can until they settle down?

Traveling is romantic, exotic, fun and always interesting. If they havent traveled, then they have been dreaming about it their whole lives. If they have traveled, they know how amazing it is and become infatuated with it like most do, man or woman.

My idea as to why is that men are the hunters and women are the gatherers. Men tend to have a myoptic view- career being the focus. Women tend to be explorers. I know many men who do or want to travel. Good way to meet women though!!

Well.......taking the time to talk to you about travel is a way of knowing how long she should keep you around for. If you have money (which is always a bonus when you meet women)..... you'll say wow ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Paris that sounds great I'll buy the tickets!!!

Not all are obsessed!!!

If you can travelyou have $$$$. Stay away from them!

[Responding to above viewpoint] Stay away from gold diggers. However, travel is ok once you have an established relationship.

Every woman . . . . I don't know about that. I would not say that I LOVE to travel. Sometimes it is more hassle then it is worth. But I guess more single woman can travel and enjoy it more because they don't have a man to bug them!!!

Traveling = interesting, free-spirited people. It is exciting to travel, to see things you would never be able to see again, experience a new culture or land. Overall, traveling is a good thing. At least you dont have women on your hands who are home bodies, never wanting to see the light of day. Jump on the bandwagon, traveling is fun! J

Because there is sooooo much out there, and we realize that we will eventually get tied down and have kids and dont want to regret never taking the adventures. My mom and other old ladies constantly tell me that we should take advantage of being young and have fun and travel in our youth b.c we wont be able to when we get older and have families (and get fat).

I think they are thinking travel is glamorous, exciting, romantic, it takes them away from the everyday routine, it just opens and expands your thinking, meeting new people, seeing how other people live, I could go on and on.

Because we want to go and do things. Travel is fun and exciting. See things you dont get to see or even do in your everyday life. It is not just women, men travel too.

Depends on the woman. Either she is unhappy with her life and travel is an escape or they think the obsession with travel makes them look sophisticated or they are adventurous. One of the three depending on the woman.

New Horizons, New Adventures, New Challenges, New Things, New Scenery, New People, New Stores, New Restaurants, & I can go on & on............

Obsessed? You make it sound like the fact that we enjoy living life a bad thing. Life is so very short and to want to enjoy it to the fullest, to experience it to the fullest, is simply human nature. I also feel that you are totally stereotyping women when you say that WE are obsessed with travel. I know plenty of men who enjoy taking trips as much as any woman does.


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