Friday, July 23, 2010

How do you kill time at a car dealership?

Q: How does my fancy phone benefit you today?
A: Get ready for a nightmare.

At just after 3 PM I learned it's going to be longer than I expected until I get my car back.

So, let me tell you about a dream I had last Friday night. That's correct sleep fans, this dream had a big effect on me: My memory of it is as clear as it was last Saturday morning.

This is what I remember...

I had just arrived at a poker game that was being held at a building that looked my condo building. I know it's not my building because it's surrounded on all sides by a parking lot and has a basement.

Shortly after I entered the basement I realize somehow that I don't have enough money for the buy-in. I walk out with the intention of finding a cash machine.

There are other people mingling outside of the building by now - smoking and what have you.

Then a cop car drives up. People start scattering and running away. The police officer quickly got out in an attempt to detain someone or anyone.

In the melée, the cop finally gets a hold of someone - only to have the guy violently Head Butt him. The cop died. In my dream I saw him die.

Then I ran away.
Later (not knowing how I got there) I answer the door and talk to the investigating detectives.
* * *
I wake up in a sweat.
It takes me longer than normal to realize I was dreaming.
Stuff like, "there's no basement in my building" is said to myself to help me calm down.

Yes, it's a rather lame dream. Also, I HAVE NOT SEEN INCEPTION yet in case you think that's somehow related. On one hand, I'm just happy to have a dream that didn't involve my teeth in another weird way. But, that policeman head butt image seems chiseled into my mind.

I was upset that this dream has been bothering my mind. Now I'm more upset that writing about it only killed a half hour.

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