Monday, July 19, 2010

Which one's Logjammin'? (My Top 5 Garden Party Pictures)

And a good day to you sir!

I call the Monday after the Annual Lebowski Fest, unofficially of course, "Annual Upload Day." I take this day off of work (Are you employed, sir?) not only because I've spent a long day prior driving and sifting through my own photos, but also I love seeing all the pictures others have to share and finding the various media reports.

There's a lot to mention and share, which will be gotten to in due time. Today I am focusing on my top five pictures from the Garden Party. You are more than welcome to view my entire album (of the whole weekend).

However, to appreciate the following five pictures - know this:
I almost became a Lebowski Fest Cliche.

While waiting in my hotel lobby circa 1:30 AM post Movie Party for a pizza, I realized my camera was not my pocket (Could you slide your shorts down Mr. Lebowski, please?). It didn't take me long to write it off for good. Thankfully, it took longer for the food delivery and decided to walk back to the very vacant and more dark lawn. The feeling was more disappointing than anger. I really didn't take all than many Movie Party pictures.

I can see you're anxious for me to get to the point.
After too many minutes of using my phone as a digital lantern to no avail, a security guy asked what I was looking for [and if it was the camera he had earlier found]!

Rejuvenated, I was able to take harder than it appears timed photographs of the Garden Party Games the following afternoon. I don't have a high speed camera, but it certainly performed like one. Enjoy the following action shots:

Beach Blanket Toss

Valkyrie Ring Toss

Sheriff of Malibu Coffee Mug Throw
Marmot fling

Ringer Toss

Stay tuned to LEBLOGSKI for pictures of costumes, video and what-have-you.[TQ]

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