Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What do these pictures have in common?

Q: What's my favorite Facebook notification?
A: [Friend] made your photo [his/her] profile picture.

You can put two more up on the board! That's a total of 8 Facebook profile pictures taken by me. Maybe I should really only count 7 (because one is of course my own and used with my iMac's built in photo booth camera and the help of a website for the "poster effect."). However, I am not counting another profile that is using a TQ photographed picture, but that's tough to prove because it wasn't taken with my small Nikon (thus, no proof in my iPhoto library) - I was handed another's camera to take holiday party pictures... Different camera, similar results.

Some of the below pictures are no longer an "active" profile picture. And I realize some people change profile pictures every week. Regardless, this is a career stat that I'm hoping to keep increasing.

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