Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Will imagining book titles help me fall asleep?

Q: What is the latest effort you want to support?
A: A friend's new blog.

Not being sure how "public" my friend's new blog is - I won't share its web address here. I'll admit that I was shocked that this friend, an admitted social networking addict (addict at its best - consumed at it's worst), took this long to start blogging.

(For the record - "vlogs" wearing Twilight merchandise while gushing over tween actors does not count)

Nonetheless, I look forward to more posts. I read the first tonight which mentioned a book by the title: Divorced. Catholic. Now What?

Yet again I can't sleep tonight... I've started to think of other potential books that may be out there...

Single. Catholic. Are we there yet?
Married. Parent. Is it over?
Eat. Pray. Love?
Attractive. Clueless. C'mon?
Dude. Man. Dude.
Woman. Traveler. Really?

and let me throw out one more for the Achievers:
Natural. Zesty. Coitus?

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