Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do you want to taste my Coffee inspired mixtape?

Today I learned of a special work assignment for tomorrow.  Without giving away too many work-specific details, I have to take the company van about an hour north of the office to pick up over 200 cases of coffee that will be used in various efforts to introduce a new Brand.  About two years ago I had to take a van even farther to pick up samples of another new-at-the-time product for the purposes of a launch strategy.

That last trip was to a city named Rock City, Illinois (which is past Rockford, near the Rock River).  The trip which prompted the creation of a mixtape called, "Rock music for getting past Rockford and over the Rock River to Rock City."  It was difficult to fit that title on a blank CD).

My boss prefaced her assigning of this latest task by referencing that mixtape (of which I had given her a copy) saying, "You're going to have to get that Rock Rock mixtape ready..."  Although it was said as a joke, everyone in my office knows I will craft mixtapes at the slight mention of one.  There was zero doubt, especially when faced with having to drive alone in a car that wasn't my own, that I was making a mixtape post haste:

(Mixtape Title Censored due to it matching the new Brand not to be mentioned here)
1. "Meet Me in the Basement" by Broken Social Scene
2. "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire
3. "One More Cup Of Coffee" by Bob Dylan
4. "Dance Or Die" by Janelle Monae
5. "Faster" by Janelle Monae
6. "Wake Up Alone" by Amy Winehouse
7. "Hot Like Fire" by The xx
8. "Electric Feel" by MGMT
9. "Drink to Moving On" by Grand National
10. "When You Wake up Feeling Old" by Wilco
11. "My Maudlin Career" by Camera Obscura
12. "Awake My Soul" by Mumford & Sons
13. "Mr. Ambulance Driver" by The Flaming Lips
14. "Wake Up Dead Man" by U2
15. "A Beautiful Mine" by RJD2
Bob Dylan - One More Cup Of Coffee by waldojeffers


  1. I definitely have a collection of my "wake up" songs. Sadly, I'm still crabby as can be in the AM!

  2. Sometimes I sit down at work and feel lost about what music to turn on... For me, that's the worst feeling.