Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How will MTV present Snook's alcohol abuse?

A spill on Seaside
Tonight was a perfect storm of reality trash with the 3rd episodes of both ABC's Elimidate and Jersey Shore airing on the same night.  It was a night where I turned a corner with one show (The Bachelor) and was hoping there would be a corner to tun on the other (True Life: I Pump Fists). [Post 2 of 2]

I actually have some serious comments and heartfelt reservations about what The Jersey Shore is setting up, but let's get the mindless fun out of the way first:

Sam is the arguable all-star of tonight's episode for taking the high road (one not often traveled in Seaside) and apologizing to both Snooki and Deena.  It was a great turnaround from her seemingly digging a larger hole for herself by attacking Ronnie seemingly out of nowhere for prior crimes.  I understand she's not a constitutional lawyer, but hopefully someone can explain the concept of Double Jeopardy to her.  But we can all happily move on knowing that Sam is not going to have an isolated Angelina-esque arc this season.  Even better is that she appears to have made up with Ronnie.  I want those two together on the show, just not separated from the rest of the gang.

The gang works best when they are together, and the segment of Karma and the continuation back at the house were my favorite pieces of the show.  The largest laugh of the night was Danielle "The Stalker" executing a Sean Penn to the MTV Camera.  And is there anybody you'd rather want on your side if things go bad in a club than Ronnie?  He went from chill with Sam talking about love to snapping into action to see if Pauly D needed help.  Did you notice one of the T-Shirts worn by a DTFer had Ronnie's credo of "Come At Me Bro" written on it?  Classic fist pumping and stage falling  aside, I probably could have done without J-Woww relieving herself behind a V.I.P. (Vacate Immediately to Piss) bar.

Back at the house Vinny continues his, for lack of a better term, success rate while Mike brings home arguably the most attractive woman (Paula) ever seen in the show's 3 season run.  The largest smile of the night was witnessing the shared laughter between Vinny and Ronnie over Turkey Burgers at 4:30 AM.

And then we came to the Drunk.

MTV used to be the network progressive enough to first air commercials for condoms and were advocates of safe sex.  Now they are the network that's given notoriety to multiple seasons of Teen Mom.  A network that was very quick to step away from behind the camera to confront Ruthie on her alcohol abuse during The Real World: Hawaii.  They like nothing more than to prop themselves up for being more than a network, for example using its True Life program as an example of their known responsibility to their viewers.

I'm nervous how they will treat the Snooki drunkenness.  Very nervous.  At first, I was optimistic because they showed confessions of roommates detailing how rarely she is sober in the house.  Most of all, the scenes of her sneaking a beer at work - and worse using a coffee break for shots - were the most vivid representation of a problem's exponential descent.  But then the boss at the T-Shirt Store used the term "rock bottom" in a comical, almost laughing-at-you, way.  And the music MTV decided to play over her disorderly behavior at the beach sounded stolen from a circus.

Like I've said before, this show works best when its characters work as a family.  Judging by the previews Snook's real family might get involved too.  Sadly, we know how this turns out - Snooki is still drinking today.

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