Sunday, January 30, 2011

What were my concert highlights (and regrets) of 2010?

My procrastination has delayed this post a full month, and with my first 2011 show potentially being this Tuesday, I gotta get this out the door.  Here is a comprehensive review of my 2010 life seeing live music: the shows, the missed opportunities, the highlights, the regrets...

February 20 | Lincoln Hall | Tortoise
Saw this show mainly because not going would have meant a friend missing out on one of his favorite bands (I don't think he would have gone solo).

March 3 | Elbow Room | Machine Gun Mojo
A benefit show that benefited cancer charity that finally allowed me to see a coworker's band firsthand.
April 5 | Lincoln Hall | Camera Obscura
Stupidly bought these tickets not realizing it was the same night of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship (Luckily the show sold out and I found a happy buyer).

April 8 | Lincoln Hall | The xx
A band of the moment, in the moment (smugly happy that I was a tad ahead of the curve getting to see'em live)

April 29 | Metro | Yeasayer
Waited too long before it sold out (Regret erased before 2010 closed!)

April 30 | Metro | Los Campesinos!
Bailed at the last second, luckily my friend found another for my ticket.

June 3 | Lincoln Hall | Tortoise
It's clear that if anybody suggest a show at Lincoln Hall, I'll do everything in my power to join'em.

June 9 | Lincoln Hall | Stars
An out of town friend sold me her tickets to this show, and I didn't find anybody wanting to see it with me (like Camera Obscura, I made a buyer happy to pay only face value for a sold out show)

July 16 | Union Park | Pitchfork Music Festival
I really can't honestly call it a regret, because I know I had more fun at the 9th Annual Lebowski Fest (but missing LCD Soundsystem and Broken Social Scene hurt... tons.)

August 6 | Metro | Cut Copy
Most fun I've ever had at a show (even with a humbling side bar)

August 8 | House of Blues | Phoenix
INSTA-SELLOUT: unable (and unwilling) to pay over face to see'em for the 4th time in 2 years.

August 12 | Double Door | Machine Gun Mojo
I saw'em the first time to support a friend, saw'em again because they are good.

August 17 | Northerly Island | My Morning Jacket
Maybe the best experience of the year (with a great friend, at a great venue, great weather... what more could you want?)

September 1 | Union Park | North Coast Music Festival
The greatest Groupon deal in history (and a landmark concert going experience)

Chemical Brothers - Another World by ImaCrea

October 3 | Pabst Theater | Broken Social Scene
In the month of Breast Cancer Awareness I took a friend who recently lost his Mom from it.  To a band he had to miss in July because he was in Ohio with her during the last stages.

September 21 | Lincoln Hall | Land of Talk
Oh, how I love Mountie Rock - don't you ever change.

September 24 | Lincoln Hall | Foals
The day itself is the biggest regret of 2010, not seeing Foals that night was only a part of it (but already have tickets in hand to see'em in 2011)

November 17 | Lincoln Hall | Delorean
I've always relied on the kindness of strangers.

December 2 | Lincoln Hall | Freelance Whales
Was able to bring 3 people into this show free, and met a (mushroomed out) lonely soul from Milwaukee in the process.

December 30 | Metro | Yeasayer
I won't make excuses or apologies for seeing a great set at half the price and six times less the hassle the night before NYE.

In case you are curious how this stacked up to 2009, go check it out.

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