Sunday, March 6, 2011

Do you have a favorite shirt?

I lack fashion.

This statement is both true in the literal "I don't have own many stylish clothes" as the figurative "I don't know what would define style."  If someone at work compliments a shirt of mine, there is a very large likelihood that it was a purchased by MySister (either as a gift or a commissioned buy with my money).  Even in the genre of T-Shirt And Jeans I think I come up a tad short since 95% of my t-shirts fall into three categories:
  1. References to The Big Lebowski 
  2. Bands most of my friends don't enjoy
  3. Marquette University
Regardless, I have a favorite shirt.  I wore it this past Friday and my friend happened to take a picture of me in it.  The shirt is held so highly in my esteem, I usually prefer these pictures because I find the shirt an important element.
...I went out and achieved anyway...
[POST SCRIPT: In case you didn't know, the blog on's days are numbered.   From now on, I'll be posting "Leblogski" type stuff here.  Hopefully my 7 readers won't get too upset.]

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