Monday, March 21, 2011

Was Vegas a success?

Many people will be asking me "How was Vegas?" in the following days.  My responses will depend on how many syllables people are willing to hear:

   1) WON!

There will be an in depth breakdown of the longest stretch of time I've ever spent in my most favorite city in the world... for those of you that want to read it.  I just need to write it all down for my own personal memory first, run it by a few others for story clearance, than redact the bejesus out of it to protect the innocent.

More importantly, there is one marathon adventure story that I don't want anybody to read before I tell it to them.

Tonight, my first night back in reality, I had dinner with MySister.  She made a side comment about her enjoyment of a recent mixtape I made for her and wanting the playlist.  The mixtape was called, "My Super Sweet Sixteen Dance Party Mixtape."  Sweet 16, at the time of the mixtape's creation, was more of a reference to an MTV reality show that made me question the next generation.  However, it now has a much nicer allusion to Marquette advancing to the Sweet 16 portion of the Big Dance.  I listened to this mixtape on the flight back home.

Keep dancing everybody!  Keep dancing Marquette!

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