Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's less than two days away?

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. (CityCenter)
I barely slept last night.
Tonight will be worse.
Tomorrow night will be impossible.
Wednesday night I'll be in Las Vegas.

So what do I do after I finally check in?  Should I just start walking on the Strip to whatever calls my name?  Perhaps down toward the new CityCenter project (the only properties on the Strip that have opened since my last visit?).  Should  I head the other way to my favorite Wynn, and get into a No Limit cash game right away?

No, Wynn will be my first target the following day.  Yeah, it's St. Patrick's Day, but more importantly it's the first day of the NCAAs.  (First day that counts, neglecting the first two days of First Round "action.")  What's the first bet? I'm leaning towards a Big East Parlay in the early games with West Virginia and Louisville...  Hell, let me throw in Pitt into that parlay mix because by the time that game is underway I'll be watching from inside the Wynn Poker Room.  I'm cashing in that noon tournament, damnit!

Then I'll remember that I actually know other souls also vacationing in Vegas while I am there, which is different from my past few trips.  Perhaps I'll cab it over to the Palms?  Perhaps I'll take a moment of St. Paddy's day mayhem at O'Sheas?  Maybe scout out the scene at Mandalay Bay - the early front runner to host Friday's action?

Oh God that Friday.... That's the day Marquette will play...  I can't believe I'll have to wait until the third set of games.  4:27 pm won't come soon enough.  The craps tables of Mandalay Bay will be a perfect distraction I presume.  It being Friday and all, that nearby McDonald's at Luxor better have enough Fillet O'Fishes on supply - I can't go a Friday in Lent without one... or four...

No matter what happens as far as my gaming fortune is concerned, Friday will be won or lost with my Marquette Basketball team.  Nearby friends will be Boilered Up, but I will be a ghost the rest of the evening if what I expect to happen does...

Saturday, if I haven't been yet, will be In-N-Out's time to shine.  With less NCAA games to watch on this day versus the previous two, there'll be a nice slowdown to get a 2 x 4 - give me extra spread...  And then who knows where my mind will wander me.  A Sit n'Go at The Mirage?  A cheapo tourney at Harrahs?  Blackjack at El Cortez?  The 7 pm tourney at Aria is a leading candidate - although I'll have to do at least one tournament at Caesars before I leave.

Could my last day bring the awesome gift of another Marquette game to watch?  Oh, the thought of it warms my spirit.  Before I leave I'll need to make a courtesy dice roll at TI too.

It's been over 15 months.  It's been too long.  Only need to wake up and go to work two more times.  Only got to get my head on my own pillow two more times.  If only my mind would close as easily as my eyelids...

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