Sunday, March 27, 2011

How sweet is it? (VEGASTORY 6 of 6)

Not even TI's sirens would distract me.
Technically, because my flight departed at 1:30 AM, Monday was my last day in Vegas.  But let me finish this multi-post story by chronicling Sunday.

In a scene polar opposite of the check-in mess, there was no line at checkout.  This is probably more due to the fact that this was the earliest check out of my Vegas career (8:00 AM), but I needed to secure a TV for the late afternoon Marquette game.

I set out to Treasure Island, one of my favorite Strip stops (and also the hotel I've stayed at the most).  I place a quick parlay bet on UNC moneyline + the over, which hit!  This was a sign of things to come for me at TI.

I played a little craps, I won a little money.
I played a little blackjack, I won a little money
Enough of a profit to kill time in a poker tournament - it's a great feeling when you can buy in to one of these small poker tournaments with money already won.  (After I got busted, the dealer told me I could buy back in - but after getting my flopped straight beat on the river by a full house - I chose to leave)

Then I  started feeling nervous and anxious for the Marquette game.
Heading back to the Roulette Wheel hoping to repeat history.

***And then the game began***

I befriended a couple UK fans in the Sports Book, which allowed me to run out for that Roulette Bet.  They also kept saving my seat when I had to go through my nervous paces during the game's timeouts.  During the game I noticed a fellow behind me wearing a Milwaukee Brewers cap - he was actually from nearby Park Ridge, Illinois!  There was nobody else in the sports book with Marquette gear for me to confide in or fist bump with... I was pretty much by myself at TI.

***And then MU beat Syracuse!***

Yes, I ran a victory lap around the TI Sports Book.
Yes, I bought beers for the two UK fellows I befriended.
Yes, I also bought a beer for the Park Ridge Brewer cap wearing dude.
Yes, I even bought a beer for the ladyfriend of said Brewer cap wearing gentleman who I didn't speak a single word to the entire night.
Did I mention I literally ran a lap of joy around the TI Sports Book?

Oh, I also had some money on Marquette, moneyline baby, at 5 point underdogs!

My phone had been off for much of the game.  Having already checked out of my hotel room, I was on battery conservation mode and didn't want to be distracted during the game (I usually love my #MUBB Twitter feed during games).  After I finally turn it on, my phone started blowing up with messages of congratulations on my favorite team reaching the Sweet Sixteen.  One of'em told me to head on over to O'Sheas.

I bust out out of TI with a grin a mile wide, to see a bunch of people watching the "Siren Show" outside on the Pirate Ship.  It was about 55 degrees at that moment in Vegas - and the Sirens were wearing jackets.  It didn't matter - they could have been twirling tassles for all I cared, nothing was going to make me happier than MU's win - and I had to get to O'Sheas!

So I won a lot of money at TI.  I did tell myself to stop gambling for the trip...  And I didn't want to repeat my post MU win blowup that led to a previous cash hemorrhage.  Buuuuut...

The actual iPhone Note I used to track my gambling
I won money playing poker in the most insane - distraction intensive scene - at O'Sheas.  I looked at my GAMING LOG (final tally attached, which I understand is one of the nerdiest things I've ever done) and saw I was so very close to a full thousand dollar profit!  Most expensive attempt at winning just $20 ever... Oh well...

We left O'Sheas to New York New York (to meet up with more people that were going to be on the same Chicago-bound plane.  The quick stop in their hotel room allowed me a much needed phone recharge).  Nothing really happened at NY/NY, with the exception that I almost threw a pizza like a discuss out of unneeded anger.  There's something about me during, and just after MU games: I have an overload of adrenalin that is beyond combustible.

The last thing I did in Vegas was something I've wanted to do for a very long time.  At post 1:00 AM in Las Vegas, on a Sunday Night / Monday Morning, nobody is in McCarren Airport.  The terminal was as empty as one I've ever seen in my life.  But the moving sidewalks were still operational... and moving.  Oh yeah, it was time to get my Feist on:

A perfect end to a perfect trip.

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