Saturday, March 5, 2011

How did you hear of Girl Talk?

In 2007 a coworker, who had a college age younger brother (in other words, limitless amounts of spare time and internet access), told me about Girl Talk.  That was the time of his breakout Night Ripper album from 2006.  The man behind Girl Talk has since released two more albums, most recently All Day this past November (as I previously wrote, on one of the better Mondays in recent history).

Last night I saw Girl Talk live for the first time.  The show was a sellout, as is his second show this evening, but I was delighted to see a lot of people mentioning on The Social Network that they were just discovering Girl Talk from the apparent flood of GT-related posting the night before (of which I am guilty of as well).  The spread of music recommendation through friends continues, which couldn't make me more happy.

As for the actual show, I always find chronicling such events challenging.  Unless there's some kind of humiliating story to occur separate from the show, I'm typically at a loss for words.  In relation, I don't tend to take many pictures as I tend to have tunnel focus keyed to enjoying the reasons I'm there.  I'm there to have fun.  However, I tried to take a few moments to take few pictures (included at the bottom of the post) and do want to share a few of my takeaway highlights:
Balloon Rescuer

  • Top highlight, in a runaway, was the unexpected sampling of one of my top 5 favorite songs of all time Peter Bjorn And John's "Young Folks"
  • Realized the kids around me weren't as into indie rock as I am judging to my reactions to samples such as Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" and Phoenix's "1901"
  • Knew the extended sample of John Lennon's "Imagine" was going to unite the crowd, but it still warmed my soul as if it was a surprise.
  • Shows in this genre are nonstop, lacking the typical pauses between songs in a rock concert - but I really loved the start of the "quazi-encore" was the opening part of 2008's Feed the Animals
There's another unique source of gratification for me whenever I'm able to erase a regret of my past, which was the case here.  No longer do I have to classify Girl Talk in that shrinking "I really wanted to go to the last concert, but wasn't able" category.

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