Saturday, February 3, 2007

Kind of a big deal... and Bears

For anybody who has spent a significant amount of time with me, it should not really be a surprize:
People know me.
Being the brother of a superstar social butterfly and working in a large company have factored into my claim.
Also, my odd willingness to talk to strangers and introduce myself to many.

This has never illustrated itself better to me than in the past fortnight. Since the Chicago Football Bears have earned a trip to Super Bowl XLI in Miami I have been under the constant attack of Pro-Bear Forwards. I have received the same 4 jokes from everybody. Jokes that must be around for at least 5 straight Super Bowls. (all that is changed is the replacing of Steelers or Patriots with Bears) There were a few unique to the Bears v. Colts matchup - but it's amazing how many times I had the "grizzly bear vs. my litte pony" picture in my inbox.

From people I went to college
From MySister's anthology
From coworkers
From Business associates
From lifelong friends
From other basketballers
From the cardplayer roster
From friends of my parents

The only significant circle to not include themselves in this forward-palooza is the group of women I have dated. I can only imagine what those would've been like (probably the pro-Colts variety)

However, now that the well has run dry - with Super Bowl XLI to kickoff tomorrow - I miss the forwards. The annoyance it caused me was the perfect displacement for what I currently feel

utter anxiety

Who knows how the inbox will react after the final whistle.

On a final note, my favorite string of e-mails I have received have been a continuation of mindless bear rants... It's really sataric beat poetry that both pokes fun at the national viewpoint of Chicago while still gets us in the mood for football... I will leave you with only a small sample:


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