Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Observations

Titanic was ten years ago?

Cool people in Hollywood call Martin Scorcese, "Marty"

Was the purple suited red carpet correspondent only allowed to interview other black nominees?

The Al Gore monologue joke - oh SNAP

Steve Carrel's reaction shot to Ellen's monologue joke - biggest laugh for me

Tambourine = lame

Here's an idea to save time on a long telecast: no stupid dancers doing shadow puppets

Will Smith's son proves, for anybody left that doesn't know, just how strong nepotism is in Hollywood

"West Bank Story" is film that I haven't seen yet, but want to see most... Also the best speech of the night.

Alan Arkin's speech was lame enough to make the director choose the camera angle of the Oscar standing alone on the stage

I can't believe Ellen went to talk to Mark Wahlberg seconds after he JUST LOST!

Who is this Emily Blunt! She did the bad Meryl Streep bit with Anne Hathaway - but was absolutely beautiful

Is Clint Eastwood drunk

The clip played for Best Original Score from Babel sounded VERY close to the score from both The Insider and Gladiator... then Babel WON

Is it a law that Jack Nickleson must sit in the front row every year

The best original screenplay winner for Little Miss Sunshine was Matthew Broderick's assistant.
The best original screenplay winner had to quit his job as Ferris' assistant to write the script
The best original screenplay winner did not thank Matthew Broderick in his speech

Chris Connolly - SHUT UP


Don't show some random white glove brush dusting Oscar

Overall - I want my time back

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