Monday, February 5, 2007

Why does my heart hurt so bad?

There are 30 National Football League franchises that did not play in the Super Bowl last night.
There are also more major metropolitan areas that do not even have a professional football team.
Unless you are a Colts fan, and by that I do not mean a fan of another team but loves Peyton Manning because of his funny TV commercials or other notable accomplishments, you've got nothing on me.

It hurts because of the tackling, or lack there of... It hurts because I don't think my team played as well as they could have. I want to believe that they did not play as well because the team that they played made it as such.

The only solace is that I believe the Indianapolis Football Colts are a better all around football team. I just wish it didn't turn out the way it did... Not just the loss, but how they lost.

I hurt because Rexy was not Sexy. And it is downright PAINFUL to hear people giving Rex the majority of the blame. I still want Rex as my QB. I will want to watch Bears football... I'll just have to wait months to see'em again.

Good Night Football.

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