Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Meeting People is Easy

Meeting people is easy
When you aren't involved
Few friendships are planned
However the majority of marriages are
Play dates don't stick well after childhood
Blind dates work only marginally worse or better
Random occurrences fill this social need
Birthdays in the same calendar year
Near identical addresses
Even the close friendships, the ones you choose
Randomness played such a huge role
A nephew of a boss near your age
A stranger on your high rise floor with a hometown near yours
Random opportunities become scarce
The more mature, the less likely to take opportunity
The exceptions are the husbands and wives who met in flight
But that's where it usually stops
Can you meet someone significant if you randomly meet now?
Fellow Juror Duty hostage?
In line at a DMV?
You stand next to the same people on the train.
You recognize the same walkers on your street.
Nobody talks
Nobody may care
Nobody wants to risk it
Nobody can go back to zero
The first class is gone
No forced situations with standard common ground
Each their own
Owning themselves

I try to be different
Talk to strangers
Say please and thank you to most
Send out a beacon of courtesy
That's really all you can do and maintain control

Rant courtesy of sleep difficulties: Helping fill the void when a muse is absent since January 2006.

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