Sunday, February 11, 2007

Palahniuk, I'm onto you.

Dear Chuck,
Stop using the color cornflower blue in your novels.
While you are at it, stop with these Anarchist Home Guide of concoctions using every day items. Instead of using Orange Juice to blow up a building (Fight Club) or Lemon Juice to clean semen stained suits (Survivor) it doesn't add to your writing. It only makes a multi-novel reader of yours know that you have a bank of this "knowledge" that you feel inclined to insert in "random" sections.

However, I'm glad I read the novel. Finishing a book gives me a sense of self-accomplishment that doesn't come with watching Broadcast News off ON-DEMAND (which I did a few weeks ago). That time should've been spent reading - as I decided on Sunday.

The next book will be at the mercy of the Des Plaines Library's availability. I bought Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk... It may be a while before I purchase another book.


Meanwhile another late night Sunday Laundry game of chicken (staying up late enough to finally get your clothes clean for the work week) gave me the opportunity to watch a movie I've wanted to see for a couple years... I love IFC, I'll miss you when my 6-month introductory cable honeymoon ends.

Quick two word review of The Dreamers: Paris & Hair.

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