Friday, June 5, 2009

Do you "get" the artist known as M.I.A.?

Q: Do you understand why M.I.A. is so loved by so many?
A: I didn't, but I think I just found out why...

There's a new semi-viral video now, and I think it's finally helped me understand why M.I.A. is so acclaimed. This has been a question bugging me for about two years now.

First, here's the video:

Let me begin my realization by making the obvious comment on the video:
It's shows just how infectious dancing can become.
Also, it shows how something can look totally stupid by itself, but how if you get lost in a crowd of "stupidity" everyone shoulders the load enough to not feel it.

I think there is something inherent about M.I.A.'s music that made this event most likely to occur during one of her songs... If you listen to her alone (like I have tried to multiple times) it makes as much sense as dancing frantically by yourself in an open space.

God, I can't begin to explain how this video has given me mental lockjaw... I'm not sure why I think it has to do with that song...

Also, I think M.I.A.'s music was used very well in Slumdog Millionaire. It was the first time I had heard her and thought favorable, not confused, thoughts. Could it be that her music makes more sense in the fiction world? When it's tied to something on a movie screen or something that appears potentially staged (like that YouTube clip?)

Now I've just lost myself.
And I still can't sleep.
This song, and that scene, are blazed into my mental processes.


Damn right.

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  1. This thing looks about as spontaneous as Bruno's Eminem landing.