Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's your favorite Michael Jackson clip from YouTube?

Q: How can the Internet prove to you that it's not full of crass with no class?
A: Look at the example of how the news of Michael Jackson spread.

The end of the world will not be televised.
It will be ushered in via Facebook status updates and tweets.

I must admit I'm very happy to be a living in the digital age today.
A social arena that has given me much evidence (in the form of blind dates, hit-in-the-crotch videos and Miss Teen South Carolina) to think otherwise, today the Internet is using it's powers for good.

Take a visit to YouTube, who wasted no time placing classic Michael Jackson videos front and center for people like me wanting a classic MJ fix. We are all capable enough to produce our own tailor made tribute.

I really wish I was at work today when the news spread (and it's not just because I had to leave early because old man TQ has an horrific pain in his post-basketball back). I'm fascinated by how news like this spreads.

Sports Radio told me shortly after 5 pm...
Minutes later, the Seattle Sutton man wanted to make sure I heard the news when picking up my latest bundle of food.

...and then there was the reaction on Facebook...
Expecting nothing but crude "one gloved pall bearer" jokes, I was hapily proven wrong as the vast majority of "my friends" focused on the talent that made him famous rather than the choices that made him infamous.

I breifly watched MTV in the early evening - fittingly they were honoring one of the founding fathers of the Music Video industry. If there's a Mount Rushmore of Music Videos it'll probably be Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beastie Boys and Fatboy Slim.
(I welcome anyone to have a conversation with me on who belongs on this list, for I feel my last two choices are debatable - but the first two are by far not)

It's apparent that ABC and NBC had pre-canned Farrah tributes ready to go - I give CBS the credit for running a Michael Jackson fueled program in the prized 9 pm (10 pm for you east coasters) time slot.

The people I feel sorry for the most are those that wanted to see Michael Jackson perform live, never had seen it, and had tickets to his announced tour that was scheduled to begin in the near future. I only hope the massive musical reacation that is sure to come will provide some relief.

Who do you want to see at this (I'm sure it's being planned right now) tribute telecast / concert?
-Usher dancing?
-Beyonce singing Billie Jean?
-Kanye sampling The Man in the Mirror?

I'm sure MTV will have something utilizing Britney and Justin Timberlake.

I have an odd request for this tribute. And although it may appear like a joke, it's something I think can be pulled off if done right.
I would like to see Weird Al Yankovic play a straight cover of Beat It - prefrerably with an aucoustic guitar and nobody else. I think Weird Al has music talent underneath his joke song writing skills - and to play a heartfelt version of a song he morphed to launch his own career would be a great gesture.

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