Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why am I in a dancing/party mood today?

Q: Hey, remember that video clip of an "impromtu" dance scene?
A: It doesn't matter if you did, probably better if you don't...

Here's some music to play in the background courtesy YouTube (again, apologies to the crowd reading on facebook):

Turns out that clip I posted last week was NOT a track from M.I.A.
That song "Unstoppable" is actually from an artist known as Santogold.
I feel like I should turn in my "I know what I'm talking about" music card.
It caused a funny moment in my inner monologue as that "Unstoppable" song shuffled it's way from my iPod to my ears today: I looked down and was like, "Oh, that's some other lady singing."

Which means we're back to square one trying to understand M.I.A.'s popularity.

But that's not stopping my bad mood because-
Today I'm playing basketball
Tomorrow I'm playing softball
Friday I'm playing cards
Saturday I'm playing golf

In the words MySister's made famous, "we book early."

Quick Thoughts:
From a very unconfirmed source Phoenix may come back to Chicago as early as this September.
They are in an all out blitz to promote their latest album.
An album I hope will appear on many year end top ten lists.
It'll be on mine, most certainly.

Every day that goes by that I'm reminded how happy I am to live on the street side (not alley) of my building.
Last night, when I couldn't sleep, I just sat out in the post rain freshness basking in the moonglow of Washington Street.
As most nights, it was quiet... unassuming.
Now that the weather's nice, I'm going to head out there on a nightly (if not midnightly) basis.
Reading a book or drinking a beverage.
Watching life.
People watching is vastly underrated.

Last weekend a young woman was running around the block.
About three laps (more if she begun before I walked onto the porch)
Her pace was remarkable.
As was the sound - her shoes were hitting the sidewalk hard.
It made me envious of her stamina.
Although, not to the point that I want to start running.

My mother used very strong and descriptive words to describe my non-diet eating habits last weekend: "Totally out of control"
Seemed a little harsh.
Not to mention inaccurate.
If you really sit down an consider the rare moments of your life that are truly "out of control"
I can't help but first think of being in a car, moments after it's run off a cliff.

I don't think as many 29 year old single men (I was that age when I started, but I am also still single) have dove head first into a Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating program with as much vigor and dedication as I.
My campaign couldn't have had worse timing: the start of Football Season.
The quality of my friends' lives were put into jeopardy.
The last memories of the Kyle Orton era may fade due to the decreased levels of snacks while viewing.

By the way, I understand this is a giant pat-on-my-own-back about my success - but I feel like I've earned it.
And I also think I've earned the right to go off the SSHE grid and enjoy a cookout if given the opportunity. Yeah, I may eat four hamburgers this upcoming weekend. I know how to deal with it. I have now gone on multiple streches of time on various food vacations or intended breaks in the system and have been able to re-lose the small amount of weight gained back. However, I do understand that these gaps in dedication are pushing my eventual weight goal further away. My goal was to lose 40 lbs. by two months ago, and I'm still 10 lbs. shy of that. But I'm no longer concerned about when it will happen because I'm confident I'll get there... ... ... eventually...

I'll admit that I have a personality prone to addiction.
Chronicled by periods of mass consumption to levels commonly associated with the term, "binge."
Today I used this term, to describe a past habit, to two friends.
It was in anticipation of a show I'm (upon NetFlix's trusty delivery) about to begin:

The last show I got into from square one through DVD was The Wire.
I watched an entire series per weekend.
Watch until sleep, continue after waking.
This "consumption" of the show was met with high criticism.
My friends believe that the show's depth could not be absorbed from your primary senses.
That it needed to stew in the back of your mind to appreciate the full flavor and richness.

It's tough for me not to start another episode after just seeing an episode I enjoy.
I usually get upset when I see a good show and think begrudgingly, "A whole'nother week until the next one?"

Hopefully, I won't shotgun this show like cheap beer and savor it like.... you follow, right?
Writing about it openly will help my cause, help convince me this is the preferred path.

(By the way, only a little over three weeks from the highlight of the summer: Lebowski Fest)

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