Monday, November 23, 2009

Have I even seen the inside of my room yet?

I'm resting just outside the Wynn Sports Book.
The 8 PM daily tournament starts in under 40 minutes, which has
allowed me ample time to catch my breath over a Roast Beef sandwich at
the Wynn deli.

Long story short, I left the Caesars Poker Room with more than I
entered and have decided to make the strech for the higher buy-in at
the Wynn.

Besides, I was already halfway there from the Monte Carlo. I knew I
wouldn't get to play in the Wynn Poker Room much, so I'm taking the

My room, last I checked, wasn't ready. After the plane landed, I took
a cab to the Monte Carlo, left my bag at the Bell Desk, and hit their
Poker Room.

Not all that impressed with that Room, and left after an hour to the
In-N-Out for lunch. I tried to check in when I got back (circa 1:30),
but they told me a room wasn't ready. (I guess this is to be expected
when you don't make reservations).

So I bolted for Caesars, a route which took me past City Center.
Tomorow I will have to take pictures with my camera (not just my
phone) to later illustrate the scope of that project.

Again, Caesars went well, and I'm currently watching some MNF and
getting mentally prepared for the most expensive tournament (including
Charities) of my life.

We'll see where the night takes me after the tourney.

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