Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What was my best moment of the 2009 Vegas Trip?

Well, the flight home was not oversold.
That gamble, like so many others of the past 48 hours, didn't pay off.

But some of them did:

It was just after Midnight. After a dissapointing Mirage tournament in
which I might have played my worst poker of the trip and after I
walked over to TI and lost more in a $1-$3 NL game - I was done.

Done gambling, done for the trip. Time to take the long walk from TI
to the Monte Carlo, sleep and head for the airport immediadetly after

But I knew there was a 1 am Caesars tournament.
I knew there would be many great looking women hanging around the
poker room's entrance ( the room shares a wall with Pure nightclub ).
And I knew there would be Pussycat Doll blackjack dealers.

What I didn't expect to see was a $10 blackjack table with a pussycat
doll dealer!

I decided that, now at about 12:40, I would sit down with $100 and
try to get to $170 in twenty minutes (in time for that 1 am $70

This is a good story. I did it. I was very closely tracking my
betting, and promptly left when I hit my goal on the mark.

It felt remarkable, hustling over from the blackjack table to the
poker room.

In my mind, I played that 1 am tourney for free. And I knew it would,
for sure, be my last gaming action of the trip.

I played for over two hours. Busting out in 9th place out of 19 (only
top 3 paid). It was 3:45 am by the time I finally go back to the
Monte Carlo. Ending the vacation on a, for me, somewhat happy note.

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