Sunday, November 15, 2009

Vegas, what?

Q: Have I decided upon a hotel for Las Vegas yet?
A: Yes, Monte Carlo is the winner.

I am unable to ignore the great rate of $46 a night.
As much as I told myself, "Next year, Mirage" in 2008's December - It' s not worth the extra money to me.

Not to mention, take a look at what restaurant is within extremely close walking distance:

I happen to know there's a sidewalk built underneath the expressway.
Although, some people probably wouldn't put me walking across high speed traffic for a Double-Double.

The Monte Carlo might have had some problems re-establishing itself after it's fire:

Maybe my Memory is wrong, but I thought the base room at the Monte Carlo was more expensive than the base room at New York New York. I have done a very small amount of gambling in their casino both before and after the famous fire and considered it rather nice. In fact, the casino floor is much nicer than that of Treasure Island.

Treasure Island, or "TI" as they want to be branded, is one of my more favorite locations to stay in Las Vegas. I've stayed there more than any other place. However, MGM Mirage sold it off recently and my MGM Mirage gift cards can't buy me a room anymore. I especially liked TI's location, kitty-corner from the Wynn Property:

While TI was my favorite place to stay, Wynn is my favorite place to play.
Sadly, another bit of rough news came to my attention recently.
The buy-in for their Daily Poker Tournaments have more than doubled.

I was hoping to play both the Noon and 8 pm Tournaments both on Monday and Tuesday of next week. But now I have a new strategy. I will just show up at the Wynn 3-4 hours before one of those tournaments and buy-into a cash game for the old Tournament Buy-in and try to chip up to the point of the new Tournament Buy-in. If I can't, well - then I'm not playing well enough for that tournament anyways and would have lost the same amount of money I would have if I had busted out early.

My flight, if it arrives on time, will get me to the Monte Carlo around 11 am. Perfect timing to give my bags to the bell hop before grabbing lunch. I definitely want to get my hands on some chips quick, and will give Monte Carlo the first shot... If I like what I'm experiencing, I'll stick around for the 3 pm sit-and-go tournament. If not, I'll start my long trek up The Strip. Taking pictures of the City Center development and anything new that wasn't there 11 months ago on my way to the 3 pm tournament at Caesar's Palace.

The intended destination will by the Wynn Poker Room, trying to earn my way into their tournament. I might also have a Roast Beef sandwich in the deli near it's Sports Book (great sandwich!).

This afternoon I loaded into my iPhone all the times for the daily tournaments at Caesars, Monte Carlo, TI, and The Mirage... Depending on my mood, willingness to walk, eagerness to play again, and general level of hunger appetite will decide where I meander next. I'll probably end up playing some other tables games at Paris (find the blue ceiling relaxing) or Planet Hollywood (find the dealers attractive) somewhere that first night as well.

As far as that Tuesday and Wednesday I'm in Vegas - that will depend a lot on what happens in those first few hours... What places I get a good vibe, what I want to do next, it's all up to me... One of the benefits of traveling solo.

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