Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Has your NYE been ruined yet?

Q: Do you remember what I posted exactly one week ago?
A: It was about this guy by the stage name of Girl Talk...

The New Year's Eve show at the Congress Theater is sold out.
I let out a very loud four letter F word when I found this out minutes ago.
There's no need for me to be this pissed.
At best, there was a 15% chance of me going to this show.
Yes, I fully contemplated buying a pair of tickets fully expecting the sell out.
But I didn't...
(There's another, louder but silent, stream of profanity in my mind now)

But I need to convince myself that this development, although bad, would be worse if I had actually gotten those tickets.
I would have bought a pair and probably would have had to sell them after I was unable to convince anybody to join me.
So not only would my brief possession of such tickets be ultimately just a tease, the entire fruitless venture of asking others would've made me feel worse.

Chalk it up to another reason why NYE is incredibly painful on the single.
This wouldn't have been an issue if I had a...

I wanted to write about a good bit of concert news I learned about today.
Please, let me try to wash away that bad news with some great news:
Land of Talk is coming back to perform in Chicago.

This Canadian (Yes, they are "Mountie Rock") band was one of the many unexpected highlights when I saw Broken Social Scene a little over a year ago when they opened for the multi-member infinitely-awesome band.

The show is Saturday December 12 at The Empty Bottle.

The cost of a ticket is $8.
Seriously, it's only going to take me dropping 32 quarters to see this act?
That Girl Talk show had a price of $35 dollars. American.

In other recent, and only relevant inside my own ears, there's a new song that's going to push itself onto my top songs of 2009 list: "Enter Galactic" by Kid Cudi

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