Sunday, April 4, 2010

What would your statuses have been?

wishes his former roommate a happy 30th birthday
desperately wants to post Jimmy Butler's game winning shot at St. John's
is having a tough time getting his hands to stop shaking
wants to punch a hole through the wall because of the Yeasayer show selling out
loves explaining Curling to coworkers
is still listening to my official favorite song to listen to on Valentine's Day a week later:

is back at the exponentially wonderful Lincoln Hall seeing Tortoise
specifically went out to lunch to watch Olympic Curling
really loves talking about Curling to anybody that asks (or will listen)
will actually talk to you about Curling regardless of your level of interest in it
bought tickets to see Camera Obscura at Lincoln Hall
is considering buying tickets to see Los Campesinos! at Metro
thinks buying C.O. tickets was maybe a little reactionary and impulsive
will be giving a free ticket to someone to see Camera Obsura
ran that condo board meeting like an authoritative pimp
names "Fascination" by Alpahbeat the most recent "Song of the Moment"

really appreciates that a neighbor helped move an insanely heavy tube TV
loves DVR like it is a twin brother that was once separated at birth and now reunited
is going to celebrate his friend's younger sister's 21st birthday in Wrigleyville
recorded Canada vs. Norway: Gold Medal Game (Curling!)
is fist pumping with strangers
doesn't understand how trouble seems to find others
saw Dr. Charlie who will help him see
feels that a storm on the horizon
has received many text messages warning him to check facebook
wishes, and asks, to be untagged
has FINALLY seen Louisville lose with his own eyes
is equally pissed that this was missed when it happened and thankful it's on video

is pumped that Lebowski Fest is returning to Chicago in September
is crushed that he won't be seeing Broken Social Scene at Pitchfork
assigns a higher priority to Lebowskidom than Mountie Rock
loves taking his father to Milwaukee for a Marquette game
does NOT like the fact that every Irish fan seems to be sitting in his section
is pissed
hopes my ND cousins appreciate that they were just given an NCAA invite
is going to start running
has run
will run again
is hurting
is turning off his phone, and not checking e-mail, until finished watching the recorded Marquette vs. Villanova Big East Quarterfinal
has the final piece of the puzzle in place
chose "TQuixotic" as his Playstation 3 name
needs to stop spending any more money (apologizes to the single women community of Chicagoland)
is 100% confident that no fist pumping will occur at tonight's dual 30th birthday party of two friends
is in the middle of a highly liturgical conversation with his friend's mom
will eat pork and cake
does not think anybody should live on popcorn and jerky
wishes two very close friends (who were born on the same day) a happy 30th birthday
will take that six seed, thank you very much
wants you into his Bracket Pool
believes he might be able to run a 5K in less than six weeks
welcomes a lifelong friend into Club XXX [Happy birthday Kat(i)e!]
finally had a meal at Five Guys
is having a difficult time waiting until Thursday for MU vs. Washington
will watch the iPhone made video at least 20 more times until tipoff

is ready for March Madness
wishes MySister a happy birthday
is nervous and anxious
can't believe a 15 second half lead was blown and really doesn't want to talk about it
is mathematically eliminated from winning a bracket pool
is not nearly as ready for fantasy baseball season this year as in years' past
is still running, by the way
likes the new FX show Jusitifed
is looking forward to the 3rd season of Breaking Bad
drafted Kate Hudson's ex-boyfriend with the 3rd overall pick
wants Paul Oakenfold to make a Perfecto Podcast with beats specifically matching his jogging gait
realized, two days later, that he drafted both Hughes and Chamberlain

discovered three new Broken Social Scene tracks leaked off their new album on their MySpace Page (check it out!)
is going to Michigan Ave.
bought tickets to another act you've never heard of
tried to buy tickets for an act a quarter of you have heard of (MGMT sold out instantly)
probably goes on more dates than anybody who self professes to hate dating
says NO to 96 teams!
feels sad that the greatest sports event we have, the 65 team NCAA tourney, may be no more
sold my Camera Obsura tickets (whew)
was running to the sounds of Girl Talk, but is now running to the sounds of Daft Punk
has a Dad who recently misspoke saying, "at the shake of peace"
has golf clubs in his trunk
was glad to finally support Machine Gun Mojo, a promising local band
drove an Altima


  1. A Paul Oakenfold podcast would rock. I used to listen to trance music all the time back in college when I'd do these 4-15hr coding binges. Helped pass the time w/o distracting the problem-solving thinking process

  2. I'm liking Justified too. Not that it will be able to replace the LOST place in my heart.